About Us

Welcome to the Hooper Holiday House website!

We are Mike and Margie Goodrich, proud residents of Hooper, Utah, since 2005. We love our neighborhood and friends, almost as much as we love Christmas. We have a family tradition to drive around on Christmas Eve and admire everyone’s lights. One year, we discovered the animated light show videos posted on YouTube and knew that’s what we wanted to do with our new yard. We started in 2010 with a 64 channel Light-O-Rama setup and a few sequences. In 2011 we added a modest Halloween show, and increased the Christmas show to 96 active channels. In 2012, we increased to 112 channels, with another 48 planned for 2014. If all this sounds like a foreign language, visit our FAQ page to see “How do you do that?”

Nothing much is new this year (2013). Nothing like a little knee surgery to put a dent in Christmas decorating. With the help of some great friends and family members, we managed to at get our display up and running. Thanks, guys — we love you!

We know that your children LOVE to see Santa in our window. Santa is the only part of our display that’s not automated (Santa has his own union!), so he doesn’t always show up on time. We’re really sorry if the kids are disappointed, but Santa always returns so try again later.

Our lights will come on Thanksgiving night and stay on through Christmas. Go to our FAQ page for a schedule of songs, our location, and times. You will need to tune your car radio to FM 90.5 FM to hear the music.

We really like our neighbors and they are, so far, being patient with our “Griswold” Christmas lighting. We want them to stay happy so we can continue with our show. So if you’re able to visit us, please follow a few “House Rules:”

  • Never park in front of someone’s driveway or block an exit or intersection. Make sure everyone can get where they need to be.
  • Always pull to the side of the road so you don’t block traffic.
  • Please dim your lights so others can enjoy the show.
  • If there are people waiting behind you, please watch a couple songs and then make room for others. You are welcome to come back again some time.
  • Do not honk your horn or make a lot of loud noise that will disturb our neighbors.