The lights are choreographed to the music using software and electronic controllers from Light-O-Rama ( Lights are plugged into channels. Each channel is programed to be on or off (partially or fully). Programming one song can take anywhere from hours to days, depending on the number of channels and the complexity of movements.

Our display has become more complicated this year with the introduction of RGB technology. We have fewer individual lights than before, but it uses more channels and has greater flexibility. We have:

181 RGB channels and 87 LOR channels
12,000 lights (give or take)

If you want more information about the controllers or sequencing processes, go to

Many of our sequences are based on the work of others, but tweaked or added to so they fit our configuration. You will find it easier to start with a few pre-programmed sequences. WOW Lights Production is a great place to purchase some sequences to get you going. The Singing Christmas Trees can be purchased on Santa, Mrs. Claus and Rudolph can be purchased on

For more about the arches, light towers or megatree setups, visit is also a great source and will steer you to others.

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